We create sacred candles for healing, magic, and prayer using the principles of aromatherapy, colortherapy, and crystaltherapy.

At Sweet Spirit Candles, we strive to make the highest quality product possible and offer that product at the least possible price. It is our intent that everyone should be able to afford the tools they need to improve their lifestyle. Our candles are not intended to be used for manipulative purposes, but to help facilitate the user to find the way to make the best choices possible. Our candles aid as a focus of intent, helping to manifest on the physical plane the desires/needs in every person. We feel there is room for prosperity and happiness for all, and we offer what we have learned to anyone interested in it, to make use of our knowledge to better their way of life.

All our candles are hand made, unique, original pieces. We use only the finest wax, wicking and color. Limiting the packaging of our candles, and re-using shipping materials, is in keeping with our philosophy of “harm none,” including our Mother Earth.

All our candles contain crystals and essential oils which lend their energies to our finished product. In addition, some candles contain dried flowers and others contain seashells (obtained from beach combing on our local Washington beaches). Many employees have had their First Degree Reiki Attunement. This Universal light energy is present in each candle we create, all made with intent and with love. This balanced, harmonious energy ensures that every candle is well suited to its job.

Because of the variety of techniques and materials used, no two candles are exactly alike. Minor variations add to the unique beauty of our candles. We guarantee our candles against defects in workmanship. Your Sweet Spirit Candle should bring you hours of pleasure. We hope you enjoy our candles which are made by hand and made with love.

Limiting the packaging of our candles, and re-using shipping materials, is in keeping with our philosophy of “harm none,” including our Mother Earth. To ensure proper burning of your candle please, never leave candles unattended and please keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch.

How to Order our Aromatherapy Candles

If you want to order some of our candles, send us an email to:

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If you don’t see what you want or need on the following pages, then let us create something new to meet your specifications.

Final Words

By combining colors, crystals, and scents in a very meticulous and conscious way, we create candles which have a comprehensive energy. We call this energy a property. Please check out Our Candle page to see some of our most popular candles. We have many more properties available (over 350 and growing daily), so if you don’t see what you are looking for please call for an update or request our current catalog. We ship anywhere in the WORLD!!

We also combine the concepts of Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy to create a line of body oils. Please be sure to check out this information on our Ceremonial Oils page and on our Body Oils page. If you want more information about essential oils, we recommend you this website. And now that we’ve started recommending you interesting sites, don’t miss tons of resources for information on self improvement here. Ah, and before you place your orders, don’t miss the relaxing music of Gaia!